Monday, September 20, 2010

ERGO Baby Love!

I'm the first to admit that when I first started babywearing, the ERGO Baby Carrier was not my first carrier to grab. The above picture is me wearing my oldest daughter in my first (non organic) ERGO Baby Carrier. It did it's job as far as distributing the weight of the baby and taking the pressure off of my neck and back, but it just was missing something. As a result, I just thought that I wasn't an ERGO Lover.

Later on, I had a mom exchange the Sienna Sunset Organic ERGO for a solid colored organic ERGO. I loved the color of the Sienna Sunset, so I decided to upgrade. I took her organic ERGO and sold my non organic...WOW! What a difference! I no longer had the feeling that something was missing. I realized that I wasn't loving the first ERGO because the shoulder straps were so stiff. My new organic ERGO was unbelievably soft and even....sleek! I never thought I'd use the word sleek to describe the ERGO Baby Carrier, but I was! Since I've upgraded, I've found that many moms already knew this secret and were wiser for it. If you're in the market for an ERGO, I'd for sure pick an organic one over a non organic. HUGE difference! If you're in the market for an ERGO, be sure to check out Heavenly Hold! We offer free shipping on ERGO Baby Carriers!


Lindsay said...

I've added the dark blue organic one to my birthday wish list :-) I loved yours that I tried on at KM!

Amber said...

So glad you liked it, Lindsay! I only have one more left and I think they are being phased colors and prints (I think) are on the way next month!!