Sunday, October 3, 2010

The Ages and Stages of Babywearing

There is time to babywear...and a time not to babywear. I've heard lots of moms say that they're done babywearing because their child has begun walking. Pshaw! I myself was in mourning when my first daughter seemed to lose interest shortly after learning to walk. BUT after the novelty of it all blew over, she had a renewed interest in being worn...and I was a happy mama!

Wearing a newborn is always wonderful...they're so sleepy and snuggly at that age. A Sleepy Wrap is a wonderful way to wear a newborn as it does a fantastic job of mimicking the womb.

When babywearing a child that has learned to walk, you're mostly back wearing at that time and a Soft Structured Carrier (or Buckle Carrier) is a fantastic option. My favorites for wearing older babies or toddlers are the ERGO, Action Baby Carrier or the Boba.

Even now that my oldest daughter is 3 1/2, she is still worn. She loves to be worn in the Scootababy and in the beco Butterfly II on my back.

So, don't let walking throw you off track. Give your babies some time to discover their new found world and then let them come back to your back for some more babywearing time!


Mrs. Lainez said...

I'm going through this with my 11.5 month old daughter. She hasn't yet begun to walk, but is already losing interest in being worn. She doesn't mind it when we're not at home, but when we're home she wants to be down most of the time. I can't get things done the way I used to, and I don't know what to do about it.

Amber said...

Hi Mrs. Lainez! I also have an 11.5 month old daughter! :) She isn't walking either. I would not give up hope yet! I feel like now is just a season and yes, it's difficult to try and get things done, but you've got to be creative! (or super fast! LOL!) Does your daughter have any older siblings? Maybe make a drawer in the kitchen that is just hers to play in with soft things like tupperware, etc...OR get a carrier like the Scootababy where she can be on your hip and safely be a part of what you're doing (I resort to that quite a bit at this season!). Definitely don't think that you're done with babywearing, though! Just this past week, my 3.5 yo got uncomfortable in a crowd of strangers and up she went into the Boba to get some mommy comfort!