Sunday, October 3, 2010

Investing in a Baby Carrier

Many folks have the surprise of their lives when they find out the cost of a high quality baby carrier. I know I did...I was a (hides eyes) Snugli wearer for the first few months of Kaelin's life. I knew no better until a friend steered me in the right direction. I though $29.95 was what a carrier should cost...wrong! When I saw that ERGO Baby Carriers were just over the $100 mark, I said, "Never!" "No way!" And here I am today...peddling the very same baby carriers and some that cost even more.

I have since learned that there are even some Baby Bjorn carriers that cost nearly $100 and some that cost even more...and those carriers are NOT good....not good for baby and not good for the babywearer=not a good investment.

So, yes...I see a baby carrier as an investment. Just like a crib, a diaper bag, or any other piece of baby paraphenelia. A baby carrier is an item that has such a positive effect on your baby's development, learning, muscle tone, digestion, sleeping habits and general comfort and security that I believe it to be one of the most important baby investments!

A baby carrier is something that can last you from birth all the way through preschool. I am wearing my 3 1/2 year old daughter in some of the same carriers that I recently wore my newborn in! A baby carrier lasts and lasts!

Another reason to invest in a good one: high resale value! I've often had customers come by to purchase a particular brand carrier and say that they searched for one on craigslist or ebay that was used so they could save a little money and found that the used ones were nearly as much as the brand new ones! So why not buy a brand new one and support a work at home mom (like me!). Once you are past your babywearing days, you can resell your high quality baby carrier for a high price! You'll be able to recoup a fair amount of your investment and get the enjoyment and peace of mind out of wearing your child in a beautiful and SAFE baby carrier!

If you think that a good carrier is out of your reach financially, consider putting one on layaway. Breaking the price up into several payments takes away a bit of the sting of the investment.

Happy Babywearing!


Anonymous said...

They are SOOO worth it. Just got home from a 6 day trip with 4 plane flights with our 5 month old. Our Ergo has now passed my boppy as my favorite baby item. The only problem I see with investing in quality baby carriers is I have a hard time stopping at one. I don't really need more, but I love them so and love wearing him so that I WANT more. I can't see that happening with a carseat or a crib ;)

ray meds said...

I've had mine for over 6 years and its lasted many washes and wears. Perfect for carrying around a light-ish baby. My son was a bit on the heavy side but my petite daughter was great to carry around in the carrier. Only complaint is that it only come with a tiny bib thing for chuck ups and I often got chucked up on while using it with bub facing me.