Thursday, November 4, 2010

My Little Babywearing Shadow

Had to post these pictures of my little babywearing shadow...also known as my sweet daughter. She attends local Koala Mommas meetings with me and brings her carriers to show off and share, too. On our way to a recent meeting we were just turning out of the neighborhood when she said, "Oh no! Mom! You forgot the ERGO Performance!" And I thought for a second, doing a mental inventory of all the carriers I had in the car...and she was right! I had forgotten the ERGO Performance.

She is truly my shadow and can name the brand names of pretty much every carrier and even knows that the bECO's have "military buckles!" I hope that she becomes a babywearing mom some day!

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Babywearing a Newborn Baby in a Baby Carrier

Moms ask: What is the best baby carrier for a newborn? There really isn't a simple answer. My answer usually is, bring your baby over to my home and try them all on for a test drive! BUT if that's not possible, I have a few answers. One great baby carrier for a newborn baby is the Freehand Mei Tai. I'm not a huge mei tai fan myself, BUT the Freehand is just shaped so well that it lends itself to carrying a newborn. The small body was made to wear a froggied (legs tucked underneath the body) baby! I wore my daughter in the Marie print and still do from time to time at 15 months. The Mei Tai can be worn on the front back or hip. But until your baby has good head control, it's perfect to snuggle them close on your front.
Next up is the Sleepy Wrap. I took my Boba Wrap to the hospital with me and wore DD2 in it as soon as I was physically able to get out of the bed. I wanted as much skin to skin contact with her as soon as I could possibly get it. I wanted the milk to start flowing!!! The Sleepy Wrap is a wonderful carrier for a newborn because it does a fantastic job of mimicking the womb (which as a new mother is one of your main jobs!). The Sleepy Wrap is made of a stretchy material (T shirt like) and wraps around your body. You can pop your baby in and out throughout the day in the cradle position or in the tummy to tummy position. I even nursed discreetly in it!
Last but certainly not least, is the bECO Butterfly II. When someone really wants a buckle carrier or a carrier that will last them all the way through toddlerhood (or in our case, preschoolhood), I will many times suggest the Butterfly. The Butterfly is soooo wonderful for newborns because it has a built in infant insert that allows the newborn baby to be up higher in the baby carrier. Once the baby reaches 15 lbs, the insert is no longer needed and can be removed and the baby carrier can be used all the way up until 45 lbs. The bECO Butterfly II also has a sleeping hood (that can be removed) for sleepy babies (and we all know that newborns are that!). The sleeping hood simply supports the baby's head while sleeping...wonderful!