Tuesday, December 21, 2010

ERGO Options Baby Carrier

If you've hesitated in purchasing an ERGO Baby Carrier because you thought they were plain, drab or utilitarian looking, you now have some Options! ERGO has come out with a new baby carrier called the ERGO Options Baby Carrier that gives you just that...options!

The baby carrier comes in plain black, which is perfect for most babywearing dads. Then, if you want some pattern or color, you have a choice! The Options Pack comes with three slipcovers that snap on the body of the carrier easily. The slipcovers can be changed in and out depending on your mood and give your baby carrier a whole new look.

Enjoy free shipping on your ERGO Baby Carrier from Heavenly Hold.


Anonymous said...

This looks like a great option! Is this one thicker or lighter the original? I am considering this one and an organic, can you tell me what the major differences are?

Amber said...

The two carriers are in design and function exactly alike. They are built the same way...but the organic one's are a little softer feeling. The non organics will soften up some with wear, but the fabric will still feel slightly different than the organic. Let me know if you have any other questions! I'm happy to help!

Anonymous said...

Does adding the snap on fabrics add to the weight and make it hotter?

Amber said...

I can't really say for sure how it would feel to you, but it doesn't to me...in the summmertime, babywearing to me is hot no matter what you're wearing! Two bodies generating their own body heat and then put them together and they just make more! haha! Plus, the slipcovers are not right on your or your baby's body...they go over the pocket. : )