Sunday, November 13, 2011

ERGO Baby Holiday Promotion!

November 14 - December 25th, ERGO Baby is permitting a holiday promotion! Woo hoo! For every full priced ERGO Baby Carrier purchased, you'll receive a free Heart 2 Heart Infant Insert (in Natural)!

Are you nesting? (I know I am!) This is a great time to upgrade to one of the newest colors for a new baby one the way! Check out the Mystic Purple or the two new Performance colors: Charcoal and True Blue!

When checking out, please put "H2H" in the comments/message section to receive your free infant insert with your baby carrier! Please email Amber (amber (at) heavenlyhold (dot) com) with any questions!! I'm always happy to help!

Monday, October 3, 2011

Boba 3G Baby Carrier

Boba Soho

I'm so excited to share the release of the new Boba 3G Baby Carrier with you! I recently had the pleasure of receiving one of these in the mail to try out (actually I'm wearing my 2 yo in it in the post below!) and was VERY impressed with the comfort and functionality changes that Boba has made. I already was a fan of the 2G, but this one is LOVE!!!!!

The Boba Baby Carrier now is just that...a baby carrier...while the 2G was recommended for babies 15 lbs and up, the 3G is for babies 7lbs- toddlers 45 lbs. No infant insert is needed for using the carrier with an infant. The conversion to an infant carrier is simple!

Another change to the 3G is the addition of a pocket to stow away the sleeping hood, a small pocket on the waist belt, AND changes to the chest strap. The chest strap now will go about 1-2 inches lower than the chest strap on the 2G did (I'm sure a big help to bigger/taller mommies and daddies!). The chest strap is also on a new sliding mechanism.

One more notable change are the purse straps. The carrier has unique straps around the shoulders that will allow you to snap the strap of a purse into place. OR you can purchase the new Stuff Sack, which coordinates with the carrier!

Boba Kangaroo

The Boba 3G Baby Carrier still will "hug" your little one to you and keep them nice and close. It can still be worn on the front and the back. The patent pending removable footstraps are also still a part of the design as well as the extra 2-3 inches in height it gives you over most other carriers.

The Boba 3G Baby Carrier is in stock at Heavenly Hold and ready to be shipped to you for free!

Monday, August 22, 2011

Babywearing While Pregnant

Is it possible to babywear while pregnant?

Yes!! Absolutely! Most definitely! The little one you wear while pregnant will still receive all the wonderful benefits of babywearing, and you'll also still be able to enjoy the free hands! I'm currently 22 weeks pregnant with my third daughter and I'm still constantly wearing my second daughter that is 2 years old (and heavy!).

Some people believe that medically, babywearing while pregnant may not safe. I am not a doctor, so please consult your doctor before making your own decision...but I am a Mom! And I've done plenty of babywearing while preggo!

In fact, in this picture, I was 39 weeks and 5 days pregnant with my second daughter. I am wearing my first daughter on my back in a soft structured carrier. She was 2.5 years at the time.

There are many ways to wear while pregnant. Some ladies like to wear a Mei Tai and tie it above their belly. What was most comfortable for me, was to wear a soft structured carrier and buckle the waist low, beneath my belly, nice and snug!

Happy Babywearing!

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

My Baby Doesn't Like to be Worn....

"But my baby just doesn't like to be worn!" is a phrase that I've heard from mamas that want to babywear. I don't hear it too often, but I have heard it. I try to help them problem solve and come up with a solution, which is what I'll try to do here as well.

Possible Problem: Baby is very young (possibly newborn) and is uncomfortable.

Solution: When babies are very young, their hips and spines are so fragile. They will have a difficult time doing a full "split" of their legs in a baby carrier, which is why they should have their legs "froggied." Froggying an infants legs means that you put them in the carrier on their knees, with their feet tucked underneath them, or in the carrier criss cross applesauce style. This is a very natural position for a newborn as that's probably similar to how their were squished up in mamas womb! A baby will let you know when they are ready to "unfroggy" their legs. Sometimes they try to stand up in a carrier! When you think that they are ready to split those legs, try keeping one leg froggied and allowing one leg to be split before going to a full split.

Possible Problem: Baby cries when in a carrier for reasons unknown.

Solution: Baby could be crying for any number of reasons while being worn. One could be wanting to nurse. If your baby is on your front, he or she may be rooting and want to nurse...totally natural. Mastering nursing in the carrier will greatly help your cause of getting baby to "like" being worn!

Baby could also be crying for any number of reasons. The carrier could just be an unfamiliar place for them. You can change that by being persistent in wearing. Continue to try to wear baby in a variety of different environments. Take baby to the mall or a park, where there is a lot of stimulation and lots to look at, listen to and smell! See if they forget about the carrier and relax and enjoy the sights! If baby is old enough, try wearing him or her on your back for a change of scenery as well!

Possible problem: Baby is not happy in a carrier because they can't see what is going on around them.

Solution: Sometimes parents complain that their baby isn't happy because they need to be facing outward in the carrier. It is true that most correctly made carriers do not allow for the front facing out position. This is for a variety of reasons. The beco Gemini Baby Carrier is one carrier that does do the front facing out position, and it does do the position a lot more ergonomically than a carrier like the Baby Bjorn or a Snugli does. If you don't own a beco Gemini, there is still hope for the curious baby! The answer is the same as the answer above! Be persistent in trying at various times of day...sleepy time, errand time, dancing time...and try wearing in various stimulating environments. Also, again, if baby is old enough (has good head control) try wearing baby on your back because they'll have that view that they are craving!

And if you still have a fussy baby!? Keep trying! Babies change ALL THE TIME! In another week, or another month, you may have a "velcro baby" that loves to be worn and snuggled!! And then you'll be happy you have that carrier....

Thursday, August 4, 2011

Babywearing is Comforting!

My littlest girl has just recently turned 2. Many times this is what we see of her...she's on the run, or is running away from us! She is busy and loves her independence. But there are (many) times when she is in need of some comfort and closeness.

In this picture she was having an "off" morning. She just wasn't herself and really just wanted the comfort of being close to mommy. Sometimes, I walk around with a carrier clipped to my waist and dangling in back...just in case somebody wants up. It comes in handy!

There are some parents that believe that once a child can walk, they no longer will need or want to be worn. That may be the case sometimes, but I think more often than not, little ones will still enjoy these close times.

Whenever we are in an unfamiliar place or have a lot of new people around, my youngest will run up to me and say "Ca we a! Ca we a!" I know this to mean that she is asking to be worn in a carrier.

Manufacturers are getting savvy to the fact that many kiddos still enjoy being worn through toddlerhood (and beyond). For example, the Boba Baby Carrier is made for kiddos ages 1-4 and all the way up to 45 lbs. I still wear my 4.5 yo comfortably in mine. The Babyhawk Oh Snap is another example of a carrier that is built for bigger kiddos as well.

Parents enjoy all the cuddly, snuggly time you can snatch with your little ones!

Monday, April 25, 2011

Petunia Pickle Bottom ERGO Baby Carriers!

Portofino Petunia Pickle Bottom ERGO Baby Carrier

Holland Petunia Pickle Bottom ERGO Baby Carrier

Innsbruck Petunia Pickle Bottom ERGO Baby Carrier

These three new ERGO/Petunia Pickle Bottom ERGO Baby Carriers will arrive sometime in May! Lots of moms (and some dads) have been complaining that ERGO's are so "ugly," "plain," or "utilitarian looking." Not anymore!!! These Petunia Pickle Bottom ERGO Baby Carriers are anything but plain looking!

What's even better is that they are 100% organic. I mentioned some time ago that I never really was an ERGO lover until I traded up to an organic ERGO. So this makes these carriers all the more wearable!

These new ERGO's are the same in design and function as an original ERGO. They will do a front, back and hip carry. They have the same great support and comfort that I love, plus they also have the wonderful sleeping hood which is my favorite of any carrier EVER!

Heavenly Hold is now taking preorders on the new Petunia Pickle Bottom ERGO Baby Carriers. With your preorder, you'll receive either free sucking pads or a free Teething Bling necklace (your choice) as well as free shipping of course! Email Amber to place a preorder reservation now!

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

The ONLY way to travel...

We LOVE to travel with our kiddos! But, part of those fun, traveling times, involve packing LOTS of stuff to take with us! And that's not so fun. We've actually cut down on some of our baby paraphenelia, though, but leaving the stroller at home!

On a trip to Tampa Bay's Busch Gardens recently, we left our stroller at home and instead packed a few carriers. Hubby took his Action Baby Carrier to wear our oldest in and I took my trusty ERGO Baby Carrier to wear our littlest in.

Hubby took the ABC because we were going to Florida, and his carrier is a Florida Gators custom carrier! He was eager to show it off to people who appreciated it! I took my ERGO, because its one of my "go to" carriers AND in my opinion has the BEST sleeping hood of any carrier I've ever tried. I knew that we would have sleeping girls on our backs at many points throughout the trip, so a good hood was a must!

As hubby and I zoomed through the park on our two legs with our two girls on our backs, we let the stroller pushing mommies and daddies eat our dust and be stuck in the stroller gridlock. We covered some ground for sure with our carriers! Also, our girls were very content riding on our backs because they were able to be up close near our faces and be up high and see all of the exhibits without us having to pull them out of a stroller and lift them up to see! Much simpler!

So, for our family, traveling with carriers is an essential! I can't imagine traveling without one (or more!).

Beco Luna!

The newest bECO print is here! Luna has arrived at Heavenly Hold in time for spring babywearing! Luna is organic and comes with espresso straps. It's gender neutral enough for a boy with it's avocado, sienna and turquoise accents.

The Luna print is also available in the bECO Gemini Baby Carrier as well!

Babywearing Around the World Wednesday

Wearing Podaegi's in Korea.

And a mommy using her Podaegi at home.

Thursday, March 31, 2011

Babywearing Bliss

When I found out I was pregnant and thought about the arrival of our new baby, I will honestly say that with my excitement came a fear that I'd never get to participate in my own personal interests again. Walking, anything outdoors, painting, all would be thrown out the window because I'd have a little baby to feed and hold all the time. I know this sounds selfish, and it is, but I wasn't sure how to go from having a job and doing whatever I want in my free time to taking care of our little baby not only in the day, but all through the night. Those first days and weeks were filled with an abundance of love for our new child, challenged with sleep deprivation and painful breastfeeding, but being in awe of my helpful and caring husband and our sweet baby was thrilling! Instantly my fear of never having time to myself dissolved, and all I could think about was how to keep this precious baby close to me as much as possible. I suppose it was my motherly instincts kicking in, but I found myself feeling an urgency to receive the sling (a Christmas gift) that was coming with the in-laws shortly after our baby was born. My achy body recovering from labor and sore arms from marathon nursing were ready for some relief. Once we got used to positioning our newborn in the sling, it was wonderful. The baby felt secure and would sleep away in there, and we could go about our business hardly needing to fuss with him at all. It was bliss, and it gave me a new sense of freedom. All of a sudden I could see a bright future in participating in varied activities while our little one was cozy in the sling right next to my body as if I was holding him. We've even been able to take him hiking up Kennesaw Mountain when he was 2 months old. He just slept peacefully in the sling the whole time. Later, when hanging out with some old college buddies, I wore our baby while we played bocce ball at the park. Its been wonderful being able to do things with family and friends without needing to lug around our giant stroller. Or feel like he is stuck being dragged around from one sort of baby contraption to another all day long (i.e. crib, bouncer, swing, stroller...). From the sling he can sit up and view the world at my level, and learn new things about the environment. Also, babywearing promotes one of the eight principles of attachment parenting, use nurturing touch.

As our baby grew, I quickly realized a need for something more secure, something that distributed his weight evenly. Especially for longer trips like grocery shopping or on walks around the park. He is in the 90th percentile for height, so you kind have have to support his bobble head in the sling since he prefers to sit upright (which means I'm not completely hands free). I started putting him in the bouncer more often when making meals since he was in the way being in front of me in the sling, I couldn't reach the sink to do dishes and it probably isn't safe with him being so close to the stove. I began researching other carriers online, one where he could hang out on my back, and tried some out at nearby stores. Growing up in in Korea, I remembered seeing my halmoni (grandmother in Korean) and most others wearing grandchildren all over. It had been so many years since I had this memory of the podaegi. My husband was concerned with the soft structured carriers not having a liner for him to "sit" in. So I found one that did, the Beco Butterfly II. It did cost a pretty penny, but its worth being able to be hands free while he sleeps away in there. When I received it in the mail from Heavenly Hold (with superfast shipping), I was so excited that I tried it on (having previously watched the video's online) immediately... still in my pj's! My 2.5 month old baby didn't seem to mind all the fidgeting of the straps to get him in place for our first time, and shortly after I wore him around, he fell asleep. In fact, almost every time I put him in there he falls asleep. Our baby is such a light sleeper, normally I would often find myself stuck sitting in the place where he fell asleep after nursing, afraid to lay him down since he'll just wake right up and be cranky. Although I love holding my sleeping baby, that also meant I couldn't get much done around the house. My husband is a pilot and is usually out of town for several days in a row, so most of the week I am by myself without an extra pair of helping hands. So now with the baby asleep in the carrier, I can do so much more. I've even started painting again. I am excited about things I can do now with my baby in the BBII. Besides being hands free and the secure inside panel (and infant insert), I also like the removable head rest (with a pocket to store in the BBII). It's useful to block the sun as well as hold baby's head when he's sleeping. One helpful addition to get for the BBII is a drool cover for the straps, my baby likes to suck on the fabric, and the covers will help reduce the amount of times I have to wash the carrier. All in all, babywearing has definitely enrichened our time as a family.

This was a guest post by Sheena.

Breastfeeding and Babywearing: A Match Made in Heaven

When Isaiah was a newborn, I would take off my shirt, remove his clothes, and tuck him into a wrap. We'd wander around the house in a state of babymoon bliss, seeking to escalate the bonding experience as much as possible to encourage our breastfeeding relationship. Our bodies are amazing things; as most of you know, skin-to-skin contact is incredibly beneficial to newborns, as it helps regulate their body temperatures and it allows both mother and child to release oxytocin, the love hormone.

Oxytocin is released during all sorts of things --- but it is like God knew exactly what He was doing when He allowed oxytocin to be released when a mother holds her child, breastfeeds him, and even wears him close to her body. Aha! Babywearing promotes bonding, breastfeeding, and the connection between mother and child that is essential for our happiness.

So, not only does babywearing free up our hands and allow us to snuggle our little loves, but it allows us as mothers to have milk production continually stimulated. Babywearing is endorsed by La Leche League and by Dr. Sears as a beneficial component to breastfeeding relationship. Dr. Sears notes that "Proximity to mother encourages a baby to feed more frequently", which is incredibly beneficial for those infants that are dubbed "failure to thrive". Sears explains that as a result of babywearing, mothers' milk will exhibit more human growth hormones and enzymes that are beneficial for babies who are lagging behind. Babies will not only nurse more, but also be receiving the benefits of breastmilk that has been tailored exactly to their needs.

In my own experience, between our two children, the distinct differences in breastfeeding relationships in correlation with growth and amount of babywearing, I believe this to be true. Our first daughter, Grace, was rarely worn in baby carriers and our breastfeeding relationship suffered severely; her own failure to thrive causing me to switch her to formula when she was 7 months old. I often wonder what would have become of our breastfeeding relationship if I had worn in baby carriers more frequently. My son, on the other hand, was worn on a near daily basis, and my milk production still exeeds his demands. I noticed that my body would instinctively let down milk when he was in carriers, hungry or not, simply because of the oxytocin that was continually produced and that feeling of love for him that I was frequently experiencing.

Babywearing has a wealth of benefits, but breastfeeding is the unsung benefit that goes unnoticed. Not only are parents' hands freed up, but for mothers, our bodies are stimulated and further attuned to our children's needs. Before you begin to supplement with formula because your pediatrician has dubbed your baby "failure to thrive", consider the natural options to increasing your supply, like babywearing.

The opinions and beliefs expressed in this post can not replace the advice of a medical professional. It is merely my hope that these thoughts can be taken into account and all measures explored before ending a breastfeeding relationship.

This is a guest post by Nicole.

Beco Gemini Review

I have had an amazing experience with Beco Gemini Baby Carrier. Let me start first by saying I debated over many carriers and after searching for a carrier with various carrying options I chose the Beco Gemini. The beauty of this carrier is it has four wonderful positions so it grows with your baby! My son wanted to see what was going on from about 3-6 months. With the front carry facing out position, you have the ability to allow your baby to see the world and still get the feeling of closeness! I took him on various shopping expeditions and he was happy as a clam in the front carry facing out position. When he would get hungry and wanted to nurse I would simply turn him to the forward facing position and nurse him while shopping.

I also have a 3 year old, so this is a wonderful carrier for a mom that needs two hands free to chase another child! The material is amazingly durable, I take it everywhere, the park , the beach, the store! I even carry a 33 pound child in this carrier, and not one stitch has loosened after having it for a year! As my son has grown the carrier has grown with us. The hip carry position is fantastic when your baby is in a cuddling mood and is great even for heavier toddlers. I have been known to put my three year old in it and carrier him around the kitchen after a long day! If you have two children this carrier is a great solution to a cranky baby that you can't put down at the end of the day, you can continue to make dinner and do chores while having two hands free!

If you are an active mom who loves taking walks this is a great choice! My son is now almost a year old and he loves the back carry position and so does my 3 year old! I have walked for miles with him on my back and have had no problems! If you have back problems you don't have to worry with this carrier, I have used other carriers and the Beco Gemini is the only one that has not affected my back! I would consider myself petite and this has been a perfect fit for me! I have also found that an investment in a great carrier is on of the greatest gifts you can give yourself and your child. With my first child I was a part time babywearer because I had not yet discovered the perfect carrier and with my second child I was fortunate enough to find Heavenly Hold and the perfect carrier for my second son. Now I am a full time babywearing mom and my two sons are happier because of it!

This was a guest post by Abbi.

Choosing the Right Carriers from Newborn Stage through Toddlerhood

This is a guest post by Diana

Once your interest in baby carriers has been fired up, it's easy to feel overwhelmed by the vast selection of carriers out there. Don't be afraid! These are waters that have been navigated by many women who love the sailing and are more than willing to help you aboard and teach you the ropes. Many baby carrier stores have friendly owners who are prompt in replying with helpful information. Babywearing is more available than ever, thanks to the internet. Let the variety inspire you!

One thing you can do is to start out simple with a couple of highly-recommended carriers. For newborns, they are small, light, and sleepy. It's nice to start out with something very easy to use, like a pouch or ring sling. A wrap is just dreamy to use with a newborn, because it's snuggly and adjusts infinitely to any body type. If your baby has a strong preference for being upright and is long in the body, then you can look into a soft-structured carrier or a mei tai. For my fourth I decided I wanted one of everything. It's easy to practice wearing newborns because you're around the house all day recovering from giving birth and they want to be held constantly anyway. So you'll have plenty of opportunities to try out your carriers and find what works best for you.

There are three elements in choosing a great carrier: The mommy's body, the baby's body and the carrier itself. The first two are subject to change, especially the baby. The carrier, while rather sturdy, can be tweaked in different ways to work for you depending on what carrier you are using. In the case of pouch slings, many are sized, meaning you need to carefully choose the right size pouch using the manufacturer's sizing guide.

Keep in mind that not all carriers work for every person. There's the style issue, with mommy just preferring the use of one over another. Some mamas rock the easy pop-in and pop-out of the pouch sling, some love the structure and no-nonsense support of the buckle carrier, some love the snuggly support of a wrap, and some love the way a mei tai is a wonderful blend of structure and adjustability. And some people love all of the above, but it's hard not to have favorites. And it's normal to change favorites. For instance, the pouch sling that was so easy for the newborn stage will get a lot more uncomfortable for long-periods of wearing baby because as baby gets heavier, it's hard to have all that weight on one shoulder. If you tend to wear baby while out and about frequently, you may not want to deal with mei tai straps in a parking lot. So don't get set on one carrier for the newborn stage and expect it to be perfect through your entire babywearing career.

My first major favorite was the Beco Butterfly. I'd first started using it when my third child, Sweet Pea, was a few weeks old and wore her in it until she was 18 months old and I was too pregnant to buckle it comfortably. So with Scooby, my next baby, I started using it right away. I found out that the size of the baby can make a big difference in carrier usage. The Beco worked great until Scooby prooved to have an immensely long torso. The Beco was 16 inches tall, without enough body height to be supportive for a tall little guy with a wobbly head. So I went back to researching about carriers. I found that my mei tai was tall enough and still very snuggly. I also got an Angelpack soft structured carrier for when I didn't want to deal with tying the long straps.

If you find you are experiencing frustrations with a carrier, first look around and find ways to tweak it. Check the carrier maker's website for tips on using. Check for questions that aren't answered there. Email the retailer you got it from. Other people before you have had the same questions, and there are many things you can do differently to make a carrier work. For example, Scooby kept slipping down when I was tying him in the mei tai. I found out two other different ways of tying it, experimented, found a way that worked, and was able to make the mei tai work for us.

However, if the style of the particular carrier is what's bugging you, it may just be time to try a different type. Take what bugs you about what you are using and find something else that helps. For example, if your baby wishes to be upright, tummy to tummy, and that hold isn't comfortable with only one shoulder in a ring sling, it's time to look at something that will work tummy to tummy with supports on two shoulders. And what if your Moby wrap worked wonderfully, but now that baby's getting bigger it's too stretchy and not supportive enough? It's time to try a woven wrap! If you want to wrap, keep in mind wraps come in different lengths. This is both for people of different sizes and different ties that use more length than others.

If you love the style and use of the carrier but it's not comfortable, then it could be that the carrier itself isn't a good fit for your body type, and it's time to try a different brand. For example, I have narrow shoulders. The first mei tai I tried with my second baby worked great for back carries. However, when I wanted to use it for my third baby in a front carry, the straps were placed too widely for me to wear it comfortably. It kept slipping off my shoulders. While I was expecting my fourth, I was looking for new carriers to try and knew to check for strap placement and carriers recommended for small-shouldered wearers. I later found a mei tai that fit wonderfully and made wearing it a snuggly comfortable experience.

As baby ages, you may find the fit of your carrier changes, and you need to change the way you wear it or change the carrier itself. When baby gets taller, you may find that back carries are more comfortable for you. This also completely frees up your arms to do almost anything you can do without baby, like reach the rice box on the top shelf, unload the dishwasher. I found that one particular soft structured carrier worked perfectly until baby got to be around 21 pounds, then I suddenly got shoulder aches. I realized it was time for a bigger carrier that distributed weight better. I found one rated well for toddlers, keeping in mind my narrow shoulders and normal torso length. When I tried it on and got it adjusted, it was a perfect fit and baby felt light as a feather on my back and front. I could wear my thirty pound toddler in it with ease as well.

If you have access to a local babywearing group, a local store that sells baby carriers, or a friend with a nice stash, you have the added bonus of trying before you buy. You should try on carriers with a well-rested, fed, and calm baby. However, even without anywhere local to try carriers, I've found the internet to be a wealth of useful information on carriers and have been pleased with every one I've researched well.

It helps to think of carriers like shoes. Even not accounting for the difference in sizes, feet are shaped very differently from person to person. There's a lot of overlap and some shoes work good for the majority of people, but not every style suits every person. For instance, when Chuck Taylors were all the rage, I found that my feet were too wide for the Converse style. Sketchers, on the other hand, fit very nicely. And just like flip flops are perfect for the beach and athletic shoes are best for basketball, you may have different needs with carriers. I have a pouch sling for quick grocery runs when I'm just grabbing a few items. But when I need to do the 2.5 hour weekly shopping for my family of six, I want my Dream Carrier SSC that holds my huge, heavy eight month old so he can take a nap when he needs to. When I had a newborn hanging around the house, I loved snuggling him in my wrap. But when I'm going out running errands in the rain (and here in Oregon that's 9-10 months of the year) I don't want my wrap or mei tai straps touching the soggy grody parking lot pavement.

The bottom line is in order to find a carrier that is useful for you, you will probably wind up owning a few. As your needs change, sometimes your carrier must as well. The good news is that carriers have resale value. And because you are going to spend more time wearing baby, you will be more efficient at your job of being a mommy, wherever it takes you. Your baby will be more content, and need less of the plastic baby entertaining toys that rock, sing, stimulate, and cost a bundle! You will be free to go forth on new adventures with less limits when baby rides easy. When in your carrier search, you find one that wears like a dream come true and meets your needs perfectly, you will feel great satisfaction and freedom.

Party ON!

Ultimate Blog Party 2011

Hello! I'm Amber Stevens, owner of Heavenly Hold and author of Babywearing Buzz (the blog you're reading!). This year, I'm including Babywearing Buzz in The Ultimate Blog Pary 2011. 5 Minutes 4 Mom puts on this great party which encourages moms to visit blogs of other moms! If you're reading this post, welcome to the party and thanks for visiting! I hope that you'll also visit my store, Heavenly Hold and peruse all the selection of beautiful baby carriers there, too!

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

I'm A Believer!!!

I always thought that using a Baby Bjorn meant that I was a true baby wearer. Ha! Was I wrong. It didn't ever occur to me that there was anything else out there other than the Bjorn that might actually work for me. Little did I know that my life would soon be turned upside down by the world of babywearing. Wow... will I ever be the same? Nope! And I am better for it!

So, up until now, all I knew was the Bjorn. I had been happy in my own little bubble just sort of getting by with it. I dealt with the back and shoulder pain when I would wear it. I never really was able to go "hands free" because I was always afraid to let my child go in fear that the harness would malfunction and down baby would go. Yes, I am that mother that would happen to. My luck is that bad. So wearing it was more for just keeping the baby happy rather than me getting anything done around the house or even having an extra hand. So you might be asking yourself at this point why I even bothered with the Bjorn? I don't know. Because I thought I was "babywearing" and by golly I was gonna do it.

So in the process of trying to do the right thing by my 4th child, I have gone soft, or is it crunchy? I'm not really sure. I have transformed from the mother that used to formula feed, throw away diapers, and use a Bjorn into the mom that breastfeeds, cloth diapers, and babywears! Yes I am a believer now! I have seen the error of my ways when it comes to the Bjorn and now am using a true babywearing device!

I was introduced to my first one a few weeks ago and it was nice. Then a few moments later is when I fell in love. Yes, it was love at first wear. The Ergo. I put it on and it was as if it was meant to be. It had to become mine. It is just one of those things that you know is right from the moment you try it out. It made the Bjorn feel so inferior. I can't believe I had gone so long without having such a wonderful thing in my gear collection! How did I survive?!

I made it my goal to attain one of these wonderful carriers. I am now the proud owner of a River Rock Green Organic Ergo. I absolutely adore it. I believe that it makes my life easier and my child and I bond as a result of us being able to be closer. I am able to be hands free more often as well as being comfortable while doing so. Not only am I able to carry my infant, I am able to carry my 4 year old on my back which, by the way, is comfortable as well. He thinks it is cool to ride piggy back. So I have turned into a believer of babywearing!

This was a guest post by Leah.

Thursday, March 24, 2011

Two Children Under Two: An Adventure in Babywearing!

In my personal opinion I think the hospital should send every family home with some kind of baby carrier when you have your second child. Don’t get me wrong I wore my first child too, but it wasn’t until I had my second child that I found out that babywearing was essential for everyone’s safety and well being.

Jason was born almost 18 months to the day after my daughter Lauren. Although I was thrilled to have two and relieved that getting pregnant the second time was easier than the first time I was a bit worried about how to meet the needs of a newborn and a very active toddler. I also worried that I would never leave the house again. How would I manage to have a life outside of the house and keep the kids safe? My toddler was use to getting out of the house and going to the park or some other energy burning outing everyday.

When Jason was a few weeks old I tried taking the stroller to the park but between the different surfaces, bark, sand, and grass as well as the swings, slide and other climbing equipment it was impossible to keep up with my toddler lugging a stroller. Leaving the stroller in one place to go help my toddler did not feel very safe. Wearing the baby on outings really allows me to feel free to follow my toddler all around the playground and to even pick her up and put her in a swing or help her climb up to the taller slide she likes. The baby is safer too, staying right next to me.

With my new found confidence I even enrolled Lauren in a mommy and me gymnastics class. This was a challenge because she needs some help staying with the group as well as doing some of the exercises and activities. I can’t lug a stroller across the work out mats so again the carrier solved my problem. Lauren is happy to be playing with her friends in class and Jason loves to be snuggled. One of the moms even said to me after about a month of class, “I don’t think I have ever heard your baby cry.” As Jason has gotten a little bigger I now often do a back carry because it gives me more reach and flexibility to help Lauren as some of the exercises have become a little harder. The receptionist said I was the pioneer at their gym. She had never seen someone wear a baby in a mommy and me class and now since I have done it she has 4 or 5 moms who wear their babies in the mommy and me class. I am often tired afterward, but so is Lauren and she often takes a longer nap on gymnastic days.

Having two small children can seem daunting, but with a good carrier, like an ERGO Baby Carrier, and some practice it is possible to keep your busy toddler engaged and stimulated and your newborn safe and happy. The added bonus is some good socialization with other mommies since you don’t have to sit on the sidelines. My advice is don’t be afraid to venture out with two kids. That first trip is a little scary but practice wearing the baby at home and picking up the toddler. Start with a short trip close to home, like a small neighborhood park. Enlist the help of friend or spouse the first time for moral support, but mostly just enjoy all the fun and zany moments with your wonderful children.

This was a guest post by Julie.

Babywearing Evolution

This is a guest post and contest entry by Danielle.

I have been a baby wearer for as long as I can remember. I started out wearing a little girl I used to watch in a Bjorn over 10 years ago. Boy have we come a long way in that time! When I used to pack her around I loved the convienience and versatility of it. I also totally adored this little pumpkin and still do.

Now that I have my own children (the oldest just turned 8) baby wearing is essential. In order for me to keep up with my 8 year old son, 2 year old daughter and keep my youngest happy and close, it is a MUST. I find myself wearing him around the house, in the grocery store, out for a walk, running errands. It is a great way for me to keep him close and help him feel totally secure but still have my hands free to wrangle in everyone else and get a few things done. I still use a Bjorn because my littlest is so small; the Bjorn has been easy to use, it is washable and comfortable for me but it's hard for my hubby to wear. I have to admit I have been longing for an ERGO for almost 2 years. The idea that I could continue to pack my pumpkin around with me or my two year old for that matter is absolutely amazing to me! Who wouldn't want the versatility of wearing your baby on the front or on your back. I recently learned more about the Beco and am totally LOVING the features. It seems as though it is so much easier to get a kiddo in and out of it. However I have several friends who rave about the ERGO. Regardless, baby wearing is essential to you and your little pumpkin.

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

A Babywearing Addiction!

This is a guest post (and contest entry) by Megan:

When I found out I was pregnant, I researched everything about pregnancy, labor, breastfeeding, parenting and baby gear from cribs to carriers. My goal with baby carriers was to find one I could use from newborn to toddler as they were pretty expensive and I could only afford to buy one (even though I learned through research that many mommy's had multiple carriers). I decided to order the Maya Wrap (Ring Sling). This one was great for nursing a younger baby in either the cradle or tummy to tummy carry and an older baby with a modified hip carry.

Around three months, my son enjoyed facing out to the world and this sling allowed him to do that cross-legged with less strain on his hips/spine versus some other carriers that the baby just dangles. Despite all the types of carries and convenience of this carrier (could slip on and off quickly), I was never completely hands-free and, at 6 months old, my son was getting heavy on my hip at nearly 20lbs.

I guess you know you're officially a mommy when you put baby gear on your Christmas list but I was very glad when I received my Babyhawk! The fabric patterns were fun, being hands-free was awesome and I was able to nurse more discreetly too. This mei tai style carrier was easy to wad up in the diaper bag and go but by the next Christmas, after a baby wearing hiatus do to learning to walk, my 18 month old was feeling too heavy on my front and I found trying to tie him to my back difficult.

That's when I contacted Amber at Heavenly Hold and she recommended the Boba. I received it as a gift this Christmas and have loved the freedom of having my little cling-on child on my back! He really enjoys looking over my shoulder while I cook and I enjoy being able to still carry him without my arms/shoulders/back burning!

Even though I think I might have a slight addiction to baby carriers, I can't imagine just one being best for a baby AND a toddler. Looking back, I probably could have skipped the mei tei and gone straight to the Boba but neither of those provided the versatility of the ring sling. If you are short on cash and far from receiving a baby wearing Christmas gift like I did, then I would recommend buying a Boba or a similar buckle carrier and making your own sling or wrap. Regardless of which you pick, I think you'll quickly find out why babywearing is so addictive!

Thursday, March 10, 2011

ERGO Performance Back Carry Demo Video

Here is a quick video I made to help you figure out how to do a back carry with the ERGO Performance Baby Carrier. Since the Performance is a Soft Structured Carrier, you can use the hip scoot method with any other SSC that you have, too.

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Ella Belly Baby Carrier!

We'll have a new baby carrier join the family soon! From March 1-15, Heavenly Hold will be accepting preorders for the Ella Belly Full CLICK, Ella Belly CLICK, and the Ella Belly Mei Tai. With your preorder, you'll receive a discount and free shipping.

All of the Ella Belly Baby Carriers are made with love by a sweet, Georgia mommy (like myself!) named Kelly.

The Ella Belly Full CLICK is a soft structured carrier that can be fully customized! If you're petite, you can order the petite sized carrier. If you have a toddler, you can order a toddler sized carrier....or the good ol' standard! In addition to size customizations, you can also choose your strap color as well as fabric for the body of your carrier (or you can send your own in). Choose from a standard headrest or swap the headrest out for a sleeping hood (my preference!).

In a front carry, the shoulder straps criss cross over your back. In a back carry, use the chest strap to secure the straps over your shoulders. Little baby or big baby, this carrier will give you your hands free and distribute the baby's weight to your hips and quads rather than your shoulders, back and neck.

The Ella Belly CLICK is a reversible half buckle soft structured carrier. Instead of straps that buckle into place on the shoulders, there are Mei Tai like straps that allow you to really find the sweet spot for wearing your baby. The waist belt is a buckle and snaps into place and adjusts to fit more than one person.

The Ella Belly Mei Tai is a reversible Mei Tai baby carrier. Super supportive straps and many fabric choices. Tie around your waist and shoulders to secure baby into the carrier.

To get started choosing your Ella Belly, start browsing fabric selections and strap color choices!

Preorders being accepted only March 1 through March 15 at Heavenly Hold.

Babywearing Around The World Wednesday

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Celebrity Babywearing

Here's a photo of Mario Treadway (who is the husband of Alanis Morissette). Looks like he's wearing a Chocolate Moby Wrap with is 1 1/2 month old little one snuggled inside. How sweet!!!

Monday, February 14, 2011

Boba Baby Carrier Sale

If you have a bigger baby or a toddler, the Boba Baby Carrier might just be the carrier for you. It has a slightly taller back and wider body than the average carrier that is specifically designed for babies 15-45 lbs. I use it with both my girls ages 4 years and 18 months...and we love it!

February 17-21, Heavenly Hold will be having a HUGE sale on three Boba Classic Baby Carriers. The Earth, Mist and Glacier Boba's will be 40% off!!! This will be the time to add another carrier to your collection, get Dad his own, or get a friend started babywearing! Also during the sale, all other Boba Baby Carriers will be an additional 10% off, too! All the sale details are here.

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Beco Bonanza!

Beco Gemini Ginger

Duke Beco Butterfly II Limited Edition

Ginger Beco Butterfly II

Three new carriers are on their way to Heavenly Hold!! First up is a new Beco Gemini print, Ginger! She's sweet and saucy! Chocolate brown straps and a fun, modern dot print on the body with tiny, sweet birds. The Beco Gemini still does 4 different positions for wearing your little one: front facing in, front facing out, hip carries and back carries.

Next up is my new favorite! Duke has me wishing I had a little boy to wear! The Duke is a limited edition Beco Butterfly II carrier and will only be around for a short time. Duke has sand colored straps and the body is an echino royal and turquoise print with...helicopters!!

Last up is the Ginger Beco Butterfly II. She'll be here to stay for a while. But for how long? The Beco Butterfly II is one of my favorite options for wearing a newborn in a soft structured carrier. The infant insert is divine and great for keeping teeny babies up nice and high.

All Beco Butterfly and Gemini carriers ship for free from Heavenly Hold! Please contact Amber to preorder one.

Babywearing Around The World Wednesday

What a happy baby!

Friday, January 21, 2011

ERGO Baby Features I LOVE!!

I do love my ERGO Baby Carriers! My favorite is the orignal. But it has to be an organic original. I wasn't always a fan of the ERGO. When I first got mine, I thought that it was just too much carrier for me. I thought it was stiff and bulky. But then, I "upgraded" to an organic ERGO Baby Carrier and was in LOVE! The organic carrier was so much softer and nicer than the non organic. HUGE difference! Ever since I've gotten that organic one, I've only come to love the ERGO more and more.

You ask what do I love about the ERGO Baby Carriers? Ah! A LOT! I love the straps! Yes, I didn't at first, but I came to love them as they offere a ton of support and do a great job of distributing the weight of the baby.

I also love the seat darts. Many people complain that the back of the ERGO isn't as "tall" as the back of other carriers, and it's not. But since the ERGO has a nice, deep seat for the baby to sit in, the height of the back isn't so much of an issue. I really like that my girls are able to be comfortably seated in the ERGO and have their weight distributed throughout their bottoms (the way it should be naturally).

I also love the pocket on the ERGO. It is HUGE! The pocket can hold my wallet, sunglasses and keys no problem. The sleeping hood can also be stowed away on top of the pocket when not being used.

Speaking of the sleeping hood....I have yet to find a baby carrier that has a sleeping hood superior to the ERGO Baby Carrier's sleeping hood. The hood on the ERGO is soft and forms to the baby's head. It snaps into place on the shoulder straps and gently cradles the baby's head while sleeping.

My girls are 18 months and nearly 4 years old now and I still use the ERGO Baby Carrier for both of them comfortably. We have travelled a good bit with it and use it around the house and around town plenty! Great carrier and great investment!

Monday, January 17, 2011

Babywearing Fosters Confidence

You may be wondering why you see a picture of me with a clown...This is a picture my husband made me take because he knows that clowns are not my thing. Well, that's actually putting it mildly. I'm afraid of clowns! And come on...I know I'm not alone!

We know that there are a multitude of benefits to babywearing. Another one is confidence. A baby that is worn is a confident baby. When you wear your baby, you are fostering that sense of confidence through security. Baby is secure and near mom (or dad) when being worn and protected. This feeling translates into confidence as baby grows into toddler, toddler grows into preschooler and so on.

So..while I'm wearing my sweet daughter in my Sienna Sunset ERGO, she is confident and secure that no clown is going to harm her! And what's more is she's learning to become a more confident baby from the experience of being worn.

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Special Edition Beco Butterfly Melody!

Beco has just released a special edition beco Butterfly II. Melody is the new print and it's sooo pretty!! Only 299 units were produced, so if you're in love, get one quickly! The Melody is on brushed canvas lavender straps and the body has birds sitting on a twig. The body is made from a luxurious canvas/cotton blend. Like all beco Butterfly II baby carriers, Melody will ship for free!