Friday, January 21, 2011

ERGO Baby Features I LOVE!!

I do love my ERGO Baby Carriers! My favorite is the orignal. But it has to be an organic original. I wasn't always a fan of the ERGO. When I first got mine, I thought that it was just too much carrier for me. I thought it was stiff and bulky. But then, I "upgraded" to an organic ERGO Baby Carrier and was in LOVE! The organic carrier was so much softer and nicer than the non organic. HUGE difference! Ever since I've gotten that organic one, I've only come to love the ERGO more and more.

You ask what do I love about the ERGO Baby Carriers? Ah! A LOT! I love the straps! Yes, I didn't at first, but I came to love them as they offere a ton of support and do a great job of distributing the weight of the baby.

I also love the seat darts. Many people complain that the back of the ERGO isn't as "tall" as the back of other carriers, and it's not. But since the ERGO has a nice, deep seat for the baby to sit in, the height of the back isn't so much of an issue. I really like that my girls are able to be comfortably seated in the ERGO and have their weight distributed throughout their bottoms (the way it should be naturally).

I also love the pocket on the ERGO. It is HUGE! The pocket can hold my wallet, sunglasses and keys no problem. The sleeping hood can also be stowed away on top of the pocket when not being used.

Speaking of the sleeping hood....I have yet to find a baby carrier that has a sleeping hood superior to the ERGO Baby Carrier's sleeping hood. The hood on the ERGO is soft and forms to the baby's head. It snaps into place on the shoulder straps and gently cradles the baby's head while sleeping.

My girls are 18 months and nearly 4 years old now and I still use the ERGO Baby Carrier for both of them comfortably. We have travelled a good bit with it and use it around the house and around town plenty! Great carrier and great investment!

Monday, January 17, 2011

Babywearing Fosters Confidence

You may be wondering why you see a picture of me with a clown...This is a picture my husband made me take because he knows that clowns are not my thing. Well, that's actually putting it mildly. I'm afraid of clowns! And come on...I know I'm not alone!

We know that there are a multitude of benefits to babywearing. Another one is confidence. A baby that is worn is a confident baby. When you wear your baby, you are fostering that sense of confidence through security. Baby is secure and near mom (or dad) when being worn and protected. This feeling translates into confidence as baby grows into toddler, toddler grows into preschooler and so on.

So..while I'm wearing my sweet daughter in my Sienna Sunset ERGO, she is confident and secure that no clown is going to harm her! And what's more is she's learning to become a more confident baby from the experience of being worn.

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Special Edition Beco Butterfly Melody!

Beco has just released a special edition beco Butterfly II. Melody is the new print and it's sooo pretty!! Only 299 units were produced, so if you're in love, get one quickly! The Melody is on brushed canvas lavender straps and the body has birds sitting on a twig. The body is made from a luxurious canvas/cotton blend. Like all beco Butterfly II baby carriers, Melody will ship for free!