Monday, January 17, 2011

Babywearing Fosters Confidence

You may be wondering why you see a picture of me with a clown...This is a picture my husband made me take because he knows that clowns are not my thing. Well, that's actually putting it mildly. I'm afraid of clowns! And come on...I know I'm not alone!

We know that there are a multitude of benefits to babywearing. Another one is confidence. A baby that is worn is a confident baby. When you wear your baby, you are fostering that sense of confidence through security. Baby is secure and near mom (or dad) when being worn and protected. This feeling translates into confidence as baby grows into toddler, toddler grows into preschooler and so on.

So..while I'm wearing my sweet daughter in my Sienna Sunset ERGO, she is confident and secure that no clown is going to harm her! And what's more is she's learning to become a more confident baby from the experience of being worn.

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Ayesha said...

I agree, my Monster is the most independent, strong willed and confident 2.5 year old I've ever met and she was worn from birth till about 20 months old practically every where! At 20 months she let us know in her string willed way, that she was ready to have her own space and we let her have it :)