Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Beco Bonanza!

Beco Gemini Ginger

Duke Beco Butterfly II Limited Edition

Ginger Beco Butterfly II

Three new carriers are on their way to Heavenly Hold!! First up is a new Beco Gemini print, Ginger! She's sweet and saucy! Chocolate brown straps and a fun, modern dot print on the body with tiny, sweet birds. The Beco Gemini still does 4 different positions for wearing your little one: front facing in, front facing out, hip carries and back carries.

Next up is my new favorite! Duke has me wishing I had a little boy to wear! The Duke is a limited edition Beco Butterfly II carrier and will only be around for a short time. Duke has sand colored straps and the body is an echino royal and turquoise print with...helicopters!!

Last up is the Ginger Beco Butterfly II. She'll be here to stay for a while. But for how long? The Beco Butterfly II is one of my favorite options for wearing a newborn in a soft structured carrier. The infant insert is divine and great for keeping teeny babies up nice and high.

All Beco Butterfly and Gemini carriers ship for free from Heavenly Hold! Please contact Amber to preorder one.

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