Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Ella Belly Baby Carrier!

We'll have a new baby carrier join the family soon! From March 1-15, Heavenly Hold will be accepting preorders for the Ella Belly Full CLICK, Ella Belly CLICK, and the Ella Belly Mei Tai. With your preorder, you'll receive a discount and free shipping.

All of the Ella Belly Baby Carriers are made with love by a sweet, Georgia mommy (like myself!) named Kelly.

The Ella Belly Full CLICK is a soft structured carrier that can be fully customized! If you're petite, you can order the petite sized carrier. If you have a toddler, you can order a toddler sized carrier....or the good ol' standard! In addition to size customizations, you can also choose your strap color as well as fabric for the body of your carrier (or you can send your own in). Choose from a standard headrest or swap the headrest out for a sleeping hood (my preference!).

In a front carry, the shoulder straps criss cross over your back. In a back carry, use the chest strap to secure the straps over your shoulders. Little baby or big baby, this carrier will give you your hands free and distribute the baby's weight to your hips and quads rather than your shoulders, back and neck.

The Ella Belly CLICK is a reversible half buckle soft structured carrier. Instead of straps that buckle into place on the shoulders, there are Mei Tai like straps that allow you to really find the sweet spot for wearing your baby. The waist belt is a buckle and snaps into place and adjusts to fit more than one person.

The Ella Belly Mei Tai is a reversible Mei Tai baby carrier. Super supportive straps and many fabric choices. Tie around your waist and shoulders to secure baby into the carrier.

To get started choosing your Ella Belly, start browsing fabric selections and strap color choices!

Preorders being accepted only March 1 through March 15 at Heavenly Hold.

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