Tuesday, March 15, 2011

A Babywearing Addiction!

This is a guest post (and contest entry) by Megan:

When I found out I was pregnant, I researched everything about pregnancy, labor, breastfeeding, parenting and baby gear from cribs to carriers. My goal with baby carriers was to find one I could use from newborn to toddler as they were pretty expensive and I could only afford to buy one (even though I learned through research that many mommy's had multiple carriers). I decided to order the Maya Wrap (Ring Sling). This one was great for nursing a younger baby in either the cradle or tummy to tummy carry and an older baby with a modified hip carry.

Around three months, my son enjoyed facing out to the world and this sling allowed him to do that cross-legged with less strain on his hips/spine versus some other carriers that the baby just dangles. Despite all the types of carries and convenience of this carrier (could slip on and off quickly), I was never completely hands-free and, at 6 months old, my son was getting heavy on my hip at nearly 20lbs.

I guess you know you're officially a mommy when you put baby gear on your Christmas list but I was very glad when I received my Babyhawk! The fabric patterns were fun, being hands-free was awesome and I was able to nurse more discreetly too. This mei tai style carrier was easy to wad up in the diaper bag and go but by the next Christmas, after a baby wearing hiatus do to learning to walk, my 18 month old was feeling too heavy on my front and I found trying to tie him to my back difficult.

That's when I contacted Amber at Heavenly Hold and she recommended the Boba. I received it as a gift this Christmas and have loved the freedom of having my little cling-on child on my back! He really enjoys looking over my shoulder while I cook and I enjoy being able to still carry him without my arms/shoulders/back burning!

Even though I think I might have a slight addiction to baby carriers, I can't imagine just one being best for a baby AND a toddler. Looking back, I probably could have skipped the mei tei and gone straight to the Boba but neither of those provided the versatility of the ring sling. If you are short on cash and far from receiving a baby wearing Christmas gift like I did, then I would recommend buying a Boba or a similar buckle carrier and making your own sling or wrap. Regardless of which you pick, I think you'll quickly find out why babywearing is so addictive!

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