Wednesday, March 30, 2011

I'm A Believer!!!

I always thought that using a Baby Bjorn meant that I was a true baby wearer. Ha! Was I wrong. It didn't ever occur to me that there was anything else out there other than the Bjorn that might actually work for me. Little did I know that my life would soon be turned upside down by the world of babywearing. Wow... will I ever be the same? Nope! And I am better for it!

So, up until now, all I knew was the Bjorn. I had been happy in my own little bubble just sort of getting by with it. I dealt with the back and shoulder pain when I would wear it. I never really was able to go "hands free" because I was always afraid to let my child go in fear that the harness would malfunction and down baby would go. Yes, I am that mother that would happen to. My luck is that bad. So wearing it was more for just keeping the baby happy rather than me getting anything done around the house or even having an extra hand. So you might be asking yourself at this point why I even bothered with the Bjorn? I don't know. Because I thought I was "babywearing" and by golly I was gonna do it.

So in the process of trying to do the right thing by my 4th child, I have gone soft, or is it crunchy? I'm not really sure. I have transformed from the mother that used to formula feed, throw away diapers, and use a Bjorn into the mom that breastfeeds, cloth diapers, and babywears! Yes I am a believer now! I have seen the error of my ways when it comes to the Bjorn and now am using a true babywearing device!

I was introduced to my first one a few weeks ago and it was nice. Then a few moments later is when I fell in love. Yes, it was love at first wear. The Ergo. I put it on and it was as if it was meant to be. It had to become mine. It is just one of those things that you know is right from the moment you try it out. It made the Bjorn feel so inferior. I can't believe I had gone so long without having such a wonderful thing in my gear collection! How did I survive?!

I made it my goal to attain one of these wonderful carriers. I am now the proud owner of a River Rock Green Organic Ergo. I absolutely adore it. I believe that it makes my life easier and my child and I bond as a result of us being able to be closer. I am able to be hands free more often as well as being comfortable while doing so. Not only am I able to carry my infant, I am able to carry my 4 year old on my back which, by the way, is comfortable as well. He thinks it is cool to ride piggy back. So I have turned into a believer of babywearing!

This was a guest post by Leah.


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