Wednesday, April 20, 2011

The ONLY way to travel...

We LOVE to travel with our kiddos! But, part of those fun, traveling times, involve packing LOTS of stuff to take with us! And that's not so fun. We've actually cut down on some of our baby paraphenelia, though, but leaving the stroller at home!

On a trip to Tampa Bay's Busch Gardens recently, we left our stroller at home and instead packed a few carriers. Hubby took his Action Baby Carrier to wear our oldest in and I took my trusty ERGO Baby Carrier to wear our littlest in.

Hubby took the ABC because we were going to Florida, and his carrier is a Florida Gators custom carrier! He was eager to show it off to people who appreciated it! I took my ERGO, because its one of my "go to" carriers AND in my opinion has the BEST sleeping hood of any carrier I've ever tried. I knew that we would have sleeping girls on our backs at many points throughout the trip, so a good hood was a must!

As hubby and I zoomed through the park on our two legs with our two girls on our backs, we let the stroller pushing mommies and daddies eat our dust and be stuck in the stroller gridlock. We covered some ground for sure with our carriers! Also, our girls were very content riding on our backs because they were able to be up close near our faces and be up high and see all of the exhibits without us having to pull them out of a stroller and lift them up to see! Much simpler!

So, for our family, traveling with carriers is an essential! I can't imagine traveling without one (or more!).


Tiffany said...

1st time reader of this blog, and it is great. I wanted to ask, when you use your back carriers, how do you haul around diapers and such?

Amber said...

Hi Tiffany! Thanks for reading! I usually use a diaper bag and sling it over my shoulder, but there are diaper bags that attach to carriers like this one: . Sometimes I push the stroller, so I'll have somewhere to put my stuff! LOL!

andrewhudson said...
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