Thursday, August 4, 2011

Babywearing is Comforting!

My littlest girl has just recently turned 2. Many times this is what we see of her...she's on the run, or is running away from us! She is busy and loves her independence. But there are (many) times when she is in need of some comfort and closeness.

In this picture she was having an "off" morning. She just wasn't herself and really just wanted the comfort of being close to mommy. Sometimes, I walk around with a carrier clipped to my waist and dangling in back...just in case somebody wants up. It comes in handy!

There are some parents that believe that once a child can walk, they no longer will need or want to be worn. That may be the case sometimes, but I think more often than not, little ones will still enjoy these close times.

Whenever we are in an unfamiliar place or have a lot of new people around, my youngest will run up to me and say "Ca we a! Ca we a!" I know this to mean that she is asking to be worn in a carrier.

Manufacturers are getting savvy to the fact that many kiddos still enjoy being worn through toddlerhood (and beyond). For example, the Boba Baby Carrier is made for kiddos ages 1-4 and all the way up to 45 lbs. I still wear my 4.5 yo comfortably in mine. The Babyhawk Oh Snap is another example of a carrier that is built for bigger kiddos as well.

Parents enjoy all the cuddly, snuggly time you can snatch with your little ones!

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