Tuesday, August 9, 2011

My Baby Doesn't Like to be Worn....

"But my baby just doesn't like to be worn!" is a phrase that I've heard from mamas that want to babywear. I don't hear it too often, but I have heard it. I try to help them problem solve and come up with a solution, which is what I'll try to do here as well.

Possible Problem: Baby is very young (possibly newborn) and is uncomfortable.

Solution: When babies are very young, their hips and spines are so fragile. They will have a difficult time doing a full "split" of their legs in a baby carrier, which is why they should have their legs "froggied." Froggying an infants legs means that you put them in the carrier on their knees, with their feet tucked underneath them, or in the carrier criss cross applesauce style. This is a very natural position for a newborn as that's probably similar to how their were squished up in mamas womb! A baby will let you know when they are ready to "unfroggy" their legs. Sometimes they try to stand up in a carrier! When you think that they are ready to split those legs, try keeping one leg froggied and allowing one leg to be split before going to a full split.

Possible Problem: Baby cries when in a carrier for reasons unknown.

Solution: Baby could be crying for any number of reasons while being worn. One could be wanting to nurse. If your baby is on your front, he or she may be rooting and want to nurse...totally natural. Mastering nursing in the carrier will greatly help your cause of getting baby to "like" being worn!

Baby could also be crying for any number of reasons. The carrier could just be an unfamiliar place for them. You can change that by being persistent in wearing. Continue to try to wear baby in a variety of different environments. Take baby to the mall or a park, where there is a lot of stimulation and lots to look at, listen to and smell! See if they forget about the carrier and relax and enjoy the sights! If baby is old enough, try wearing him or her on your back for a change of scenery as well!

Possible problem: Baby is not happy in a carrier because they can't see what is going on around them.

Solution: Sometimes parents complain that their baby isn't happy because they need to be facing outward in the carrier. It is true that most correctly made carriers do not allow for the front facing out position. This is for a variety of reasons. The beco Gemini Baby Carrier is one carrier that does do the front facing out position, and it does do the position a lot more ergonomically than a carrier like the Baby Bjorn or a Snugli does. If you don't own a beco Gemini, there is still hope for the curious baby! The answer is the same as the answer above! Be persistent in trying at various times of day...sleepy time, errand time, dancing time...and try wearing in various stimulating environments. Also, again, if baby is old enough (has good head control) try wearing baby on your back because they'll have that view that they are craving!

And if you still have a fussy baby!? Keep trying! Babies change ALL THE TIME! In another week, or another month, you may have a "velcro baby" that loves to be worn and snuggled!! And then you'll be happy you have that carrier....


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S said...

Any advice for a momma with a month old baby who hates to have his arms restrained in any fashion?

Amber said...

A month old, huh? Wow! What kind of carrier are you working with? If you're using a Mei Tai or Soft Structured, you may be able to wear it "apron" style and allow him to have his arms out.

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