Monday, October 3, 2011

Boba 3G Baby Carrier

Boba Soho

I'm so excited to share the release of the new Boba 3G Baby Carrier with you! I recently had the pleasure of receiving one of these in the mail to try out (actually I'm wearing my 2 yo in it in the post below!) and was VERY impressed with the comfort and functionality changes that Boba has made. I already was a fan of the 2G, but this one is LOVE!!!!!

The Boba Baby Carrier now is just that...a baby carrier...while the 2G was recommended for babies 15 lbs and up, the 3G is for babies 7lbs- toddlers 45 lbs. No infant insert is needed for using the carrier with an infant. The conversion to an infant carrier is simple!

Another change to the 3G is the addition of a pocket to stow away the sleeping hood, a small pocket on the waist belt, AND changes to the chest strap. The chest strap now will go about 1-2 inches lower than the chest strap on the 2G did (I'm sure a big help to bigger/taller mommies and daddies!). The chest strap is also on a new sliding mechanism.

One more notable change are the purse straps. The carrier has unique straps around the shoulders that will allow you to snap the strap of a purse into place. OR you can purchase the new Stuff Sack, which coordinates with the carrier!

Boba Kangaroo

The Boba 3G Baby Carrier still will "hug" your little one to you and keep them nice and close. It can still be worn on the front and the back. The patent pending removable footstraps are also still a part of the design as well as the extra 2-3 inches in height it gives you over most other carriers.

The Boba 3G Baby Carrier is in stock at Heavenly Hold and ready to be shipped to you for free!

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