Monday, March 5, 2012

ERGOBaby Carrier SALE!

Yes! are on SALE! And this is the first time that retailers have been permitted to discount them! The ERGOBaby Carriers will be discounted 10% March 5-19th at Heavenly Hold and will still have free shipping (sorry, the Petunia Pickle Bottoms are not included).

Also check out as they are discounted as well. Add on a pouch or an ERGO Backpack to your order and save!


ergo carrier sale said...

Organic Ergo Baby Carrier Twill Dark Chocolate with Kona Coffee
Original Ergo Baby Carrier Galaxy Grey With Embroidery
Original Ergo Baby Carrier Camel With Black Lining
Organic Ergo Baby Carrier River Rock Green
Original Ergo Baby Barrier Cranberry
Original Ergo Baby Barrier Sand
Organic Ergo Baby Carrier Highland Navy Plaid
Organic Ergo Baby Carrier Black Butterfly
Organic Ergo Baby Carrier Desert Bloom
Original Ergo Baby Carrier Sapphire Blue
Ergo Baby Carrier Cranberry Canvas Back Pack
Organic Ergo baby Carrier Red Butterfly Figure
Original Ergo Baby Carrier Camel
Infant Insert - Natural
Options Ergo Baby Carrier Baby Black
Organic Ergo Baby Carrier Black-Solid Black Lining
Organic Ergo Baby Carrier Jester Red
Ergo Sport Baby Carrier Blue Lining
Organic Ergo baby Carrier Twill Navy

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