Thursday, June 14, 2012

ERGO Baby Aussie Khaki Carrier

One of the newest ERGO Baby Carriers to hit the market is the the Aussie Khaki. This carrier is an original ERGO Baby Carrier (my favorite) and has all the fantastic features of the original. But it has a little more.

Most of my customers have long favored the Original ERGO Carrier but with organic fabrics. There is quite a difference in the feel of the organic fabric when compared to the non organics...the organics are very soft and smooth, while the non organics can be a bit rough to begin with.

Now, the newest prints (Zebra -feels the same way), have the same soft, smooth feel of the organics. They are made from the same soft, brushed cotton that the organics are made from (but they're just not organic). At $115 and $120, they are a great value in the babywearing world...and even more so with their soft, smooth cotton.

Shop for the new Aussie Khaki (and Zebra) at Heavenly Hold and enjoy free shipping, too! Thanks for supporting my small, mommy owned business by purchasing your ERGO from me!