Thursday, December 19, 2013

Natibaby Exclusive Love Series

 Heavenly Hold is pleased to announce the arrival of two exclusive Natibaby designs.  We have called this series the "Love Series."  These two woven wraps will only be carried at Heavenly Hold.  Wrap your baby in love with these two beauties!

Up first is Love Chain.  It's a platinum colored 70% cotton and 30% linen blend.  It's designed with interlinking circles. 
 The second design is also a 70% cotton and 30% linen blend.  Bee Loved is a turquoise color with varying shaped hexagons all over.  It's reminiscent of a beehive!  :) 

Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Tula Sweet Hello

You *might* have noticed that the carrier in the above picture has PINK straps!  This is the first Tula Ergonomic Baby Carrier sporting the cotton candy colored straps and isn't it gorgeous?!??! 

The Tula "Sweet Hello" Baby Carrier is a fun addition to one of the favorite brands at Heavenly Hold.  It is Robert Kaufman fabric and is a patchwork design.  Each block is 3 inches by 3 inches.

I don't think this pattern will be around for too long, so you might want to check it out soon!  As always, enjoy free shipping on Tula Baby Carriers and Tula Toddler Carriers at Heavenly Hold. 

Sunday, September 8, 2013

Storchenwiege Wraps

Heavenly Hold is pleased to announce the addition (this is sounding like a birth announcement!) of Storchenwiege Woven Wraps.

German made Storchenwiege are woven wraps known to be super high in quality and very well made.  The manufacturers take pride in the flawlessness of their product and high customer satisfaction. 

Storchenwiege Wraps, also called "Storchs" are a very affordable wrap as they can be purchased for even as low as under $100 for a shorty and their soft feel. 

Storchs ship fast and free at Heavenly Hold and more often that not, all colors and sizes are usually available.

Thursday, September 5, 2013

BB Slings at Heavenly Hold

Turkisch Delight BB Sling

BB Slings by Babylonia have just been added to Heavenly Hold.  These ring slings are designed in Belgium and made in a Fair Trade project in India.  They are woven wraps and are nice and thin.  BB Slings are made to be super supportive and they come in some beautiful colorways.  I'm trying to pick a favorite right now!

Blue Curacao BB Sling
Not sure if I can choose just one, though!  My top two picks, would be these ones, though!  I love the bright teal of the Blue Curacao, but I've also always been fond of aqua, so Turkisch Delight might also be a winner!

At $89, these ring slings are very well priced and will last through 3-4 years of age.  Shipping is free for all orders over $50 from Heavenly Hold as well. 

Monday, August 12, 2013

Natibaby Shiny Sky and Kurpie Preorder

 Natibaby Kurpie
Natibaby Shiny Sky

Now through Tuesday, August 13, 2013, Heavenly Hold is hosting a preorder of these two new, Natibaby designs.  Both are 70% cotton 30% linen and are super soft! 

Kurpie is a traditional Polish design and Shiny Sky has been widely popular in other colorways before this release. 

To take part in the preorder, please visit Heavenly Hold's Natibaby page.  Half is due upon preorder and half is due when the wraps will be received in October.  As always, orders over $50 ship for free to the US from Heavenly Hold. 

Friday, August 2, 2013

Limited Edition Maya Wraps at Heavenly Hold

Well hello there Gatsby!  It's nice to meet you!  Maya Wraps are brand new to Heavenly Hold (A Mom and Pop Babywearing Shop) and I'm SO glad to add them to our lovely collection of baby carriers! :)  Maya Wraps are soft, supportive, adjustable, affordable and BEAUTIFUL!  There are three new Maya colorways that are limited edition runs.  The first, Gatsby is pictured above.   Gatsby is actually my personal favorite...I'm a sucker for shades of blue. 
Next up is Urban Camo.  I am NOT normally a Camo fan, myself...BUT I do like this print.  It actually is a modern take on the whole camo idea and I love the sage color and the modern/geometric print that makes up the "camo" part of the print! 

Last, but not least is the  Xza Maya Wrap(puh-lease don't ask me how to pronounce it...I've said it in my head about 3 different ways now and I still don't know exactly which way is correct!).  Xza is super cute!  It's made up of wide gray and pink stripes.  Pretty, pretty!!


Monday, June 10, 2013

Tula Baby Carrier New Prints

Tula Ergonomic Baby Carriers have just come out with some summer/boating/water themed prints and they are adorable!   The print pictured above is "Ahoi" and Heavenly Hold has some of the few coveted Ahoi's with the bright orange leg padding. 
The print above is the "Whales" print and it has a pretty blue body with aqua whales swimming across.  The straps are a grayish khaki color.  Love it!  All the many, new prints come in both the standard and toddler sizes and Heavenly Hold will be carrying them all!

Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Tula Baby Carriers are here!

The Tula Baby Carrier is new to Heavenly Hold this Spring.  So far it's been a huge hit with our customers!  Tulas come in two sizes:  Standard and Toddler.  The Standard fits babies up to 45 lbs. but if you're looking for a wider base, taller back and a little bit more support, you can choose a Toddler Tula.  You can begin to use a Toddler Tula with babies 18 months and up.

Tulas are made in Poland and in Mexico and are designed to allow a baby to be worn ergonomically by supporting baby's hips and legs in the "M" position.  They're also ergonomic for the babywearer because the waist strap is divided into three sections to contour the waist and transfer baby's weight off of your shoulders and onto your hips and quads. 

Tula Baby Carriers come is LOTS of fun, trendy fabrics.  Probably the most popular are the chevron patterns called "Zig Zag" by Tula. 

Look for some wrap conversion Tula's to be coming to Heavenly Hold in the near future as well! 

Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Beco Gemini Spring 2013

Beco Gemini Stella (black straps)

Beco Gemini Micah (espresso straps)
The Beco Gemini Spring 2013 line is here at Heavenly Hold!  There are five gorgeous new BECO prints including: Luca, River, Enzo, Micah and Stella.  Each of the prints are BECO exclusive designs and actually have the BECO logo in them! 

There aren't any changes made to the Gemini (doesn't need any in my humble's a fantastic carrier) with this release, but I'm loving the new prints!  I think my favorite might be Stella....or Micah...I can't choose!

Stella and Luca have black straps, while Micah and River have espresso straps.  Enzo is a gray carrier with embroidery on it for a gender neutral look with just a "touch of sparkle" to it!  :)

As always, you'll get fast and free shipping with your Beco Gemini order at Heavenly Hold. 

Wednesday, February 6, 2013

How Babywearing Can Help With GERD

The following post was written by my sweet friend, Shannon and I'm hoping that her story will help other mommies and daddies :)

As an International Board Certified Lactation Consultant and experienced attachment parent, when I was pregnant with my third son, I knew that I wanted to invest in a baby carrier that would be both comfortable and functional for breastfeeding. I was so excited to find Amber, owner of Heavenly Hold. I was able to meet with her to try on different carriers. Amber was so helpful and patient as I tried several soft structured carriers to find one that would best fit my needs. I decided to go with an Ergo Baby carrier, and I could not wait to use it! At this time, little did I know just how much I would rely on this carrier.

When my baby, Cohen, was three weeks old, he began to show signs of Gastro Esophageal Reflux Disease (GERD). GERD occurs when an infant's esophageal valves do not function properly, causing milk and stomach acid to come back into the esophagus. Unlike normal infant spit-up, GERD can be very painful, lead to feeding difficulty, weight gain problems, and even esophageal damage if severe GERD goes untreated. To make matters worse, Cohen was suffering from Silent Reflux, which occurs when the infant swallows the refluxed material, rather than regurgitating it. Silent Reflux can be difficult to diagnose, since you never actually see the infant regurgitate. Not only does the infant experience pain when the refluxed material comes up, but also when it is swallowed back down. Being an experienced Lactation Consultant, I knew the tell-tale signs: fussiness at the breast, arching of his back halfway through a feeding, and then feeding refusal. As Cohen's Silent Reflux began to worsen, we could actually hear him choke on the refluxed milk at each feeding. After feeding, Cohen's breathing would become raspy, and the refluxed material caused mucus in his nasal passages. To make matters worse, Cohen began to refuse feeding altogether.

After several visits with the pediatrician and a pediatric gastroenterologist, Cohen was diagnosed with GERD. We tried several medications and various dosages, before we found the right treatment to give Cohen some relief. However, the treatment did not always provide complete relief. Many families with an infant with GERD find that they have to go to great measures to figure out which coping techniques work best for them and their baby. In addition to Silent Reflux, Cohen was also diagnosed with dairy and soy protein intolerance, leading me to need to go on a special diet. Breast milk is important for all babies, and is especially important for infants with issues like Cohen's. Breast milk is much easier for infants to digest than infant formula and is gentle on a sensitive tummy. Likewise, when an infant has GERD, breast milk is less likely to cause damage to the esophagus when refluxed. Even though nursing Cohen became very difficult, it became even more important for our breastfeeding experience to continue for a minimum of one year.

The evenings were the most difficult time, as Cohen's GERD seemed to worsen throughout the day. Our Ergo Baby carrier became a key component to our success. There were many times throughout the day when the only way to calm Cohen's crying was the carry him in the Ergo Baby. By evening, holding Cohen in our Ergo Baby became our new routine. The most difficult aspect of Cohen's GERD was getting him to eat; I quickly learned that nursing him in the carrier was our most successful way to nourish him. In fact, there were many times that the only way to get Cohen to eat was to put him in the carrier and walk around while he nursed. When dealing with feeding refusal caused by the discomfort of GERD, it can be helpful to distract the infant from the discomfort while feeding. Nursing Cohen outside in the Ergo Baby carrier provided a new sensory experience during feedings that distracted him from the pain and discomfort. Many mothers of babies with GERD will tell you that holding the infant in an upright position seems to provide some relief as well. The Ergo Baby carrier enabled Cohen to be held upright to soothe him, while also receiving the constant close contact from his mommy, which babies also need. It can be difficult to nurse a younger baby in an upright position before the baby can sit unsupported, but the carrier is the perfect tool for providing the support that baby needs while being fed upright. I benefited too, because the carrier allowed me to have freedom of movement to care for my older two sons during Cohen's fussy periods.

For nearly 7 years, I have been an experienced breastfeeding mother and attachment parent, but Cohen helped me to gain an even greater appreciation for babywearing. For us babywearing is not just a part of our lifestyle, but an integral part of our success with battling GERD and maintaining breastfeeding. I had to share with Amber just how thankful I am for her help and for our Ergo Baby Carrier. Likewise, I wanted to share our story in hopes that other moms may find babywearing to be a successful coping technique with their babies with GERD.

Shannon Trocolli, MA IBCLC

Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Dolcino Woven Wraps at Heavenly Hold

I'm pleased to announce that Heavenly Hold will now be carrying Dolcino Woven Wraps. Dolcino's are made in Switzerland from 100% organic cotton and are woven lengthwise and crosswise to create diagonal elasticity. They also have diagonal cut ends which make them easier to tie. A Dolcino Baby Carrier will offer you TONS of support because the weight of the baby will be distributed throughout your entire upper body.

Dolcino Woven Wraps come is many beautiful colorways and are among the most affordable of woven wraps. I think my favorite colorway may be the Stromboli...or maybe the Capri!

Wednesday, January 30, 2013

ERGO Baby Carrier...the PERFECT Fit!

Finding the perfect carrier to fit your body is a lot like finding the perfect pair of jeans. The number on the tag doesn’t mean much, and two people of similar build can often need completely different sizes. It can be difficult, and frustrating (to say the least!) to find a carrier that molds perfectly to your body. But once you do, it’s heavenly!

When I started my hunt for the “perfect” carrier for my body type, I was positive an ERGO Baby Carrier wouldn’t fit me. According to the baby wearing community, I’m a petite mama. I’m not very short, by today’s standards (5’5), but I have a thin frame with narrow hips and shoulders. And, of course, we’ve all heard that ERGOs are not made with petite mamas in mind! They’re bulky, the waist doesn’t cinch tight enough, the shoulder straps are too broad… those are all the reasons I had in my head that an ERGO simply would not work for me.

I made an appointment with Amber at Heavenly Hold for a consultation, and tried several different soft-structured carriers. Imagine my surprise when the most comfortable one for me was… the ERGO! It seemed to mold perfectly to my body, and my 25-pound baby felt weightless. It didn’t matter if I tried the carriers on my front or my back, the best one for me was the ERGO. The shoulder straps fit my narrow shoulders wonderfully, and didn’t overpower me at all. The fabric was lightweight, not bulky or heavy like I thought it would be. The waist strap cinched down tight enough for my narrow hips. I have a short torso, but the body of the ERGO was the perfect height. Basically, every doubt in my mind was proven wrong as soon as I tried the ERGO on. The best part is, I can share it with my husband. He’s basically the opposite of me, when it comes to size! At 6’0 and a solid 240-lbs with a broad build, the ERGO fits him just as well, although we do need to loosen the straps quite a bit!

I’ve had that same ERGO for over two years now, and couldn’t imagine my life without it! I bought it when my second son, Oren, was eight months old, and he practically lived in it until our third son was born just over one year later. The ERGO continued to fit my body as I grew and expanded with pregnancy. The waist strap that was capable of cinching tight enough to fit my narrow hips was able to let out and accommodate my giant baby belly! I was able to wear my son in the ERGO right up until the day I delivered our third son, Greyson.

Greyson is now nine months old, and he has spent most of his life nestled up close to mama in the ERGO. Oren is now 30 months old, and still loves his first “real” carrier… in the rare occasion his little brother isn’t in it, he’ll bring it up to me and ask for a “back ride”. I love that my boys love being close to me, and I love that the ERGO has made that possible for so long, and will continue to do so for many years to come. We are now expecting our fourth baby, and I expect this newest bundle will get plenty of cuddle time with this petite mama in the ERGO!