Wednesday, January 30, 2013

ERGO Baby Carrier...the PERFECT Fit!

Finding the perfect carrier to fit your body is a lot like finding the perfect pair of jeans. The number on the tag doesn’t mean much, and two people of similar build can often need completely different sizes. It can be difficult, and frustrating (to say the least!) to find a carrier that molds perfectly to your body. But once you do, it’s heavenly!

When I started my hunt for the “perfect” carrier for my body type, I was positive an ERGO Baby Carrier wouldn’t fit me. According to the baby wearing community, I’m a petite mama. I’m not very short, by today’s standards (5’5), but I have a thin frame with narrow hips and shoulders. And, of course, we’ve all heard that ERGOs are not made with petite mamas in mind! They’re bulky, the waist doesn’t cinch tight enough, the shoulder straps are too broad… those are all the reasons I had in my head that an ERGO simply would not work for me.

I made an appointment with Amber at Heavenly Hold for a consultation, and tried several different soft-structured carriers. Imagine my surprise when the most comfortable one for me was… the ERGO! It seemed to mold perfectly to my body, and my 25-pound baby felt weightless. It didn’t matter if I tried the carriers on my front or my back, the best one for me was the ERGO. The shoulder straps fit my narrow shoulders wonderfully, and didn’t overpower me at all. The fabric was lightweight, not bulky or heavy like I thought it would be. The waist strap cinched down tight enough for my narrow hips. I have a short torso, but the body of the ERGO was the perfect height. Basically, every doubt in my mind was proven wrong as soon as I tried the ERGO on. The best part is, I can share it with my husband. He’s basically the opposite of me, when it comes to size! At 6’0 and a solid 240-lbs with a broad build, the ERGO fits him just as well, although we do need to loosen the straps quite a bit!

I’ve had that same ERGO for over two years now, and couldn’t imagine my life without it! I bought it when my second son, Oren, was eight months old, and he practically lived in it until our third son was born just over one year later. The ERGO continued to fit my body as I grew and expanded with pregnancy. The waist strap that was capable of cinching tight enough to fit my narrow hips was able to let out and accommodate my giant baby belly! I was able to wear my son in the ERGO right up until the day I delivered our third son, Greyson.

Greyson is now nine months old, and he has spent most of his life nestled up close to mama in the ERGO. Oren is now 30 months old, and still loves his first “real” carrier… in the rare occasion his little brother isn’t in it, he’ll bring it up to me and ask for a “back ride”. I love that my boys love being close to me, and I love that the ERGO has made that possible for so long, and will continue to do so for many years to come. We are now expecting our fourth baby, and I expect this newest bundle will get plenty of cuddle time with this petite mama in the ERGO!