Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Beco Gemini Spring 2013

Beco Gemini Stella (black straps)

Beco Gemini Micah (espresso straps)
The Beco Gemini Spring 2013 line is here at Heavenly Hold!  There are five gorgeous new BECO prints including: Luca, River, Enzo, Micah and Stella.  Each of the prints are BECO exclusive designs and actually have the BECO logo in them! 

There aren't any changes made to the Gemini (doesn't need any in my humble's a fantastic carrier) with this release, but I'm loving the new prints!  I think my favorite might be Stella....or Micah...I can't choose!

Stella and Luca have black straps, while Micah and River have espresso straps.  Enzo is a gray carrier with embroidery on it for a gender neutral look with just a "touch of sparkle" to it!  :)

As always, you'll get fast and free shipping with your Beco Gemini order at Heavenly Hold. 

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