Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Tula Baby Carriers are here!

The Tula Baby Carrier is new to Heavenly Hold this Spring.  So far it's been a huge hit with our customers!  Tulas come in two sizes:  Standard and Toddler.  The Standard fits babies up to 45 lbs. but if you're looking for a wider base, taller back and a little bit more support, you can choose a Toddler Tula.  You can begin to use a Toddler Tula with babies 18 months and up.

Tulas are made in Poland and in Mexico and are designed to allow a baby to be worn ergonomically by supporting baby's hips and legs in the "M" position.  They're also ergonomic for the babywearer because the waist strap is divided into three sections to contour the waist and transfer baby's weight off of your shoulders and onto your hips and quads. 

Tula Baby Carriers come is LOTS of fun, trendy fabrics.  Probably the most popular are the chevron patterns called "Zig Zag" by Tula. 

Look for some wrap conversion Tula's to be coming to Heavenly Hold in the near future as well!