Friday, August 2, 2013

Limited Edition Maya Wraps at Heavenly Hold

Well hello there Gatsby!  It's nice to meet you!  Maya Wraps are brand new to Heavenly Hold (A Mom and Pop Babywearing Shop) and I'm SO glad to add them to our lovely collection of baby carriers! :)  Maya Wraps are soft, supportive, adjustable, affordable and BEAUTIFUL!  There are three new Maya colorways that are limited edition runs.  The first, Gatsby is pictured above.   Gatsby is actually my personal favorite...I'm a sucker for shades of blue. 
Next up is Urban Camo.  I am NOT normally a Camo fan, myself...BUT I do like this print.  It actually is a modern take on the whole camo idea and I love the sage color and the modern/geometric print that makes up the "camo" part of the print! 

Last, but not least is the  Xza Maya Wrap(puh-lease don't ask me how to pronounce it...I've said it in my head about 3 different ways now and I still don't know exactly which way is correct!).  Xza is super cute!  It's made up of wide gray and pink stripes.  Pretty, pretty!!


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