Monday, March 24, 2014

Lillebaby Flash Sale--March Madness!

 If you love to babywear, you won't want to miss the lillebaby March Madness Flash Sale at Heavenly Hold. This sale runs only while supplies last or through March 26th!  Solid organic lillebaby Complete Organic Baby Carriers are up to 50% off.  

Why do I like the lillebaby?  I truly enjoy the comfort on this carrier.  Never have I experienced a carrier with lumbar that actually offers some extra support...and this one does!  I also love that it has the option of either a headrest or a sleeping hood.  Brilliant!  If does offer multiple wearing positions including (gasp!) front facing out.  The front facing out position is done quite a bit more ergonomically than most, though.  Baby is still allowing to be in a natural, seating position.  I still don't recommend facing out for an extended period of time for baby or the babywearer, but the lillebaby is a much more ergonomically correct option than (ahem) some other brands (cough--crotch danglers!).  

Make sure to check out the Flash Sale offerings here.  All the lillebaby carriers are shipping for free at Heavenly Hold!

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